Pond Maintenance Programs

Our pond maintenance programs are designed for smaller waterbodies and are centered around monitoring.  While we can gain insights as to what types of management may be utilized throughout the course of a multi-year maintenance program, nothing helps guide management better than monitoring.  With monitoring as the cornerstone of all our pond maintenance programs, we visit the pond on a regular basis throughout the growing season to determine conditions.  We will customize a program that aims to address the issues (algae growth, nuisance or invasive weed growth, water quality issues, etc.) while also addressing the source(s) of those issues.  Maintenance programs typically involve multiple strategies that may include:  biological control, manual control and chemical control – with monitoring at the core of all of it! 

Each Pond Maintenance Program Includes

  • Permitting
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Management activities as necessary based on the program design, as designated through the integrated monitoring
  • Reports following each visit that include photos.  We find that educating our clients is of the utmost importance.  Our post-visit reports with photos may also include:  description of the site conditions, description of the management activities that occurred, any concerns that we want to make you aware of, recommendations for additional management services, education on best management practices. 
  • Virtual consultation with the owners of Water & Wetland at the end of each season to discuss the outcome of the management program, recommendations for future management as well as budgeting for the following season.

Pond Maintenance Programs Are Perfect For

  • Small Town or City ponds including park ponds
  • Golf course ponds
  • Private residence ponds
  • Fish and game club ponds
  • Home owners association ponds

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