Herbicide & Algaecide Treatments in Lake & Pond Management

Treatments for Water Quality in Lake & Pond Management

No one goes into the use of chemicals lightly, Water & Wetland analyzes every available alternative prior to landing on treatment with an herbicide or algaecide.  We insure each of our treatments are in compliance with regulations, and of course, safe.  Herbicides in many cases are the most effective and the most cost effective solution to managing invasive species.  Key factors for success include herbicide choice and appropriate timing.  Many factors go into choosing the appropriate herbicide including target plant(s), minimizing impact to non-target native species (our goal is not to create a swimming pool), and duration of control.  Generally speaking, contact herbicides provide seasonal control, while there may be systemic options that provide nuisance level control for multiple years. 

Water & Wetland has vast experience treating ponds and lakes throughout New England an has the specialized equipment to insure that herbicides are distributed evenly throughout the targeted treatment area.  We have boats for every situation, from our airboat to smaller jon boats and virtually everything in between.  Our boats are set up with calibrated pumping equipment and/or calibrated spreaders.  Additionally, we have years of experience on foliar treatments of floating leafed species such as water chestnut. 

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