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Water & Wetland

Lake, Pond & Wetland Management

As a family owned, local company our goal is to provide unique individual attention to each waterbody we work on.  Plans are completely customized and we pride ourselves on excellent communication with our customers.

Our Services

At Water & Wetland, we believe each body of water is a precious resource and that each management plan should be customized to fit the needs of the individual waterbody.

Service Area

Map - CT, MA, NH, RI

Our Services
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Lake Management

Customized management programs that includes manual, biological, mechanical or chemical control. 

Pond Maintenance Programs

Programs that are designed specifically for smaller waterbodies and are centered around monitoring. 

Herbicide & Algaecide Treatments

Specialized treatments that will target individual plants, while minimizing impact on non-target native species. 

Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Prepare and file the necessary permits to complete your individual state's requirements.

Biological Management Options

Non-chemical strategies that include, aquatic dye, benthic mats, bacterica & enzymes, BioChar, and DASH & Hand-pulling.

Wetland & Upland Invasive Species Control

We offer both manual and chemical control of emergent invasive species by utilizing our specialized equipment. 

Fountain & Aeration Sales and Installation

From improving fish habitat to increased water quality and expediting the reduction of muck/organic matter, aeration has multiple benefits to set your pond or lake management program up for success. 

Lake Surveys & Water Quality

We offer a variety of waterbody data collection tool which include, vegetation surveys, in depth point intercept surveys, bathymetry and sediment mapping, annual surveys, as well as water quality monitoring. 


Meet Our Team

Water & Wetland is built on experience and hard work. Learn our story and meet our team!

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