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Customized Lake and Pond Management Programs

At Water & Wetland, we believe each body of water is a precious resource and that each management plan should be customized to fit the needs of the individual waterbody.  In all cases, data collection is the first step in determining the appropriate approach to managing a pond or lake.  Do you have any data on your waterbody?  Vegetation maps?  Water quality?  If you answered no, call us.  We have a current special that allows lake associations, private homeowners, municipalities to get data on invasive species, nuisance native species and/or water quality at a low cost.  This allows almost anyone to learn more about their waterbody and what types of management are recommended.  Once the appropriate data is collected or provided, we work with the decision makers to determine an appropriate management approach that takes in to account:  their individual goals and budgets, while preserving a healthy eco-system and improving habitat.  We conduct an alternatives analysis that considers all available options, prior to crafting the customized scope of services.

Each Lake Management Program Includes

  • Permitting
  • Monitoring to determine the appropriate conditions and timing of each management activity.  Additionally, monitoring determines efficacy of management and helps guide future management activities.
  • Customized management program, this may include manual, biological, mechanical or chemical control.  Whether the lake’s issue is HAB’s (harmful algae blooms), invasive species, nuisance native species, water quality issues such as low dissolved oxygen, or more we have it under control.
  • Virtual consultation with the owners of Water & Wetland at the end of each season to discuss the outcome of the management program, recommendations for future management as well as budgeting for the following season.
  • Customized year end report – This report is great to circulate amongst a lake association or town and is great to help the client understand their waterbody.  Lastly, year end reports are documented information that can be compiled overtime to look back on historical management and change in waterbody conditions. 

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