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Scott Conrade

Scott is an aquatic biologist specializing in aquatic vegetation and identifying invasive wetland and upland species. Scott has years of experience and is a licensed applicator in MA, CT, RI, WA, and OR. Scott Graduated from SUNY Oneonta, NY with a B.S. in Environmental Science. 

Scott has worked in the lake management industry since 2015 and has gained vast experience in lake and pond management during that time. This includes a variety of services, such as overseeing and managing projects involved with aquatics and land surveys, invasive species, maintaining and designing innovative implementation equipment, installing and servicing fountains, aeration systems, and more. Through his years in the industry, Scott has managed hundreds of water bodies and excels at controlling aquatic, wetland, and upland invasive species. We are certain you'll be impressed with Scott's positive attitude, not to mentioned his immense experience with invasive species control, water quality, and more.

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